Preparing for a baptism

March 16, 2015

Ward activity
Dad’s really getting more photogenic over the years. I’ve never seen such a natural smile on him like in that picture haha. Sounds like you guys are having fun with lots of activities and things going on in the house. That’s exciting that the missionaries have an investigator that is progressing. What did she say when they invited her to be baptized??? Hopefully she’s gaining a testimony. 

So next week is transfers. I can’t believe I only have 5 more transfers on the mission!

...It seems like here in the ward they like to ask the missionaries last minute to give talks haha. They asked Élder Tamanho last week when he got to church to give a talk just like they asked me a month or so ago. And they asked Élder Millett to prepare a talk Saturday night for Sunday (yesterday) haha. So now it must be Élder McDaniels turn. I just think about how you used to not like how the Branch Presidency asked people to talk the Wednesday before Sunday... but at least that’s better than the Saturday before Sunday... or the hour before sacrament meeting haha.

So this week we are planning on having a baptism. He is a 16 year old kid who is a friend of the couple that was baptized last week. The other day we were teaching him and some of the people that live in his little alleyway came to listen as well. We watched the 20 minute film of the restoration, and we were talking about how the true church and gospel was restored.  One lady that was there listening started to bare her testimony about how she knows the church is true. She said "If you look around you’ll notice that this is the only church that has 12 apostles just like Jesus established. So this is the true church" (keeping in mind that we hadn’t taught about the restoration or the 12 apostles yet.) Of course just because a church claims to have 12 apostles doesn’t make is stand out so clearly to everyone as the true church, but we thought it was interesting how everyone we were teaching seemed to have a testimony, even though small, about the truths we were teaching. 

So this week we´ll be preparing “D” for his baptism. But, that’s about all I got for now. Hope everything’s going well in the home land. Have a good week! Love you guys.

-Élder Udy

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