We FEEL the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost

May 11, 2015

Oi, So I’m pretty excited to see what Cole gets on the AP History test. It’s possible that he will get a 4 or a 5.... but it’s also possible that he’ll get a 2.. or a 1 ;) haha, we´ll see what happens. It was great to see you guys on Sunday... but it’s always kinda weird for me because I never know what to say and it’s hard to converse normally in English. However, it’s good to just talk a little bit. Here everything is going great. My new companion, Elder Moroni, is great. One of my best companions. Even though he only has 4 weeks left on his mission, he still works as if he only had 1 year out. We’re making lots of changes in the area (finding new investigators) and we’re excited to help the rest of the zone. 
New board we put up to keep track of things in the Zone
This week we started a sanctifying process so we feel the Spirit more with us. We had a fast, and during this fast we wrote down all the things that we feel distance us from the Spirit. After the fast was over we made a commitment to not do any of the things on the list for 40 days.. or 35 in our case because the transfer is only 5 weeks. I’ve already seen a difference it makes in the lessons and in our lives. We feel closer to God and we feel the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. We actually feel it all the time. I remember some missionaries saying that we as missionaries get accustomed to feeling the Spirit so much that we stop realizing it is always with us. However, when we make a conscious effort to stop doing any little thing that separates us from the Spirit, we FEEL the constant influence of the Holy Ghost. It’s not just a thing that accompanies us because we were ordained Elders. It is with us when we are worthy of His presence, and when we sanctify ourselves. His presence grows much, much stronger when we are worthy, and the Spirit makes all the difference in the work. 

I don’t really have much time today, but I will send some pictures to make up for that. I hope you guys have a great week and I hope Mother’s Day was good. Thanks for all the prayers!
Trying to fix our shower head

Horse leg in street

A present for Elder Vallo

Love you guys, 

Élder Udy

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