God is aware of all the prayers of His children

May 25, 2015

I can’t believe Jackson and May have been married for a year already??? It seems like they just got married the other day. Sounds exciting. Elder Moroni is 2 weeks from going home. He’s all worried about who he’s going to marry haha.

Sounds like the missionaries in Slippery Rock found a family! Parabéns! Here we had a baptism this week. Her name is "B" and she has a 2 year old daughter. It was great at the baptism because a lot of people came to participate and the young single adults sang a special musical number and made cake.

Also, this week I remember one night I was praying and asking what we should do to find more families and men to teach, and I don’t really remember at what point, but while I was praying it came to my mind a part of our area that we hadn’t been working that much, and we had some time the next day without any set appointments, so the next day I planned with my companion and we decided to go to that part of the area to talk to all the people in the road and try to find some "elects". Still not realizing that that had been the answer to my prayer, we went to that part of the area and started talking to everyone. It seemed like everyone we talked to was either drunk, getting ready to get drunk, or uninterested. On our way back from this part of the area to another appointment, we entered into this little shortcut alleyway. I don’t remember why we entered there because usually we don’t, but this time we did without really thinking. While we were walking, we saw a man that was sitting in his doorway in silence. As missionaries do, we decided to talk to him. After talking for a few moments we asked if we could enter to teach him about the gospel and he let us in with great pleasure. He started to tell us about how he had been in his doorway thinking about God and how he needed help because he was without a job and had 5 kids and a wife and he had been feeling that he needed to be more obedient to God. As he talked to us he started to cry and looked up at us and said, you guys are the answer to my prayer, and when he said that I thought to myself, "and you are the answer to mine."

It’s amazing how God is aware of all the prayers of his children and how he wants to help us all. Last week I told about the experience of when I didn’t follow the Spirit, and this week I could see how God guides us through the Spirit. 
Have a good week! Love you guys, talk to you next week.

-Elder Udy

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