Elder Pinho from the Seventy taught us all kinds of things

September 14, 2015

4 weeks! You’d better start learning your Portuguese. Sounds like BYU football is pretty good this year, even without Taysom Hill. Hopefully basketball is good as well. All my BYU friends that have already gotten home from their missions are sending me pictures of the good ol Y. #Tranquza Maybe on that Sunday when I talk, if I invite everyone I know, we could have an attendance of 200! Imagine! 

Elder Pinho
This week was great. We had a visit from Elder Pinho from the 70. He taught us all kinds of things. The general authorities sure know how to teach the missionaries. One thing I learned with him is how to get referrals. Usually when a missionary asks the members for a referral he just asks after the meal if the family knows anyone they could teach. Elder Pinho taught us to turn this into a spiritual experience, asking the family if we can say a pray on our knees with everyone and promising them that as we pray names will appear in their minds of people that have been prepared to receive the gospel. And after the prayer asking them who appeared in their mind. 

So on Sunday we put this into action. We had lunch with a family who is non-member and their son is on the mission. He’s one of the elders that slept in the room next to me in the MTC! Anyways, his mom loves the missionaries and always invites a bunch of members over to eat on the missionary’s lunch day. So there were about 15 members there eating with us, and when it got time for the message we talked about the members and missionaries working together and said a prayer with everyone on our knees and then everyone gave us referrals! And, along with the referrals, the members started to love us and say how happy they were for us to be in their ward. This is exactly what Elder Pinho said would happen.

Sounds like you guys are getting everything ready to come to Brazil :) We’re getting to know the ward and streets. Now it’s just prayers, work and faith. This week will be the best one yet here in Tancredo Neves. Hope everyone has a good week! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Have a good week! Love you guys! 

-Elder Udy

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