The members help a lot

Sept 7, 2015

:0000 sounds like BYU made the Sports Center top 10 this week haha. I can’t believe Taysom Hill got hurt already!!! He always gets hurt! Hopefully the other quarterback is good for the rest of the season too. Sounds like Cole had some fun with the jeep problems this week haha. And it sounds like you guys are getting things ready for Brazil. Elder Ballard told me you guys sent him the email. He’s in my zone. I can’t believe it’s getting so close!

This week I was kind of lost with Elder Freeman because we are both new here, but we’re getting to know things a little better now.  Here in the ward the members help a lot. On the first day when we got in the area a returned missionary came to our house to take us to lunch because he knew we wouldn’t know how to get to our lunch appointment. It’s great to see when someone thinks about the missionaries enough to know their necessities and be there to help with out being asked. Our area here in Tancredo Neves is a lot smaller than Aerolandia, which is great because in Aerolandia we had to walk 45 minutes to get to lunch half the days of the week haha. I’m excited to show you guys the streets and houses of the people here. Pray for me this week so that my companion and I can find a family that will be baptized by the time you guys get here, and you’ll be able to say to them that they were an answer to your prayers. 

I don’t have much time to write today because it’s Independence Day here in Brazil. I can’t believe you already bought me a season pass to Park City and the Canyons!!! The blessings from the mission are real haha. So this week I’ll talk with my President about the ecclesiastical endorsement, I’ll have to discover how to say that in Portuguese first haha. Have a good week! Love you guys! 

-Elder Udy

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