The higher our goals in life, the more success we will have in the end

August 31, 2015

So this week 31 missionaries left the field and only 7 arrived. 28 went home and 3 went to the mission home to be trained as secretaries. So our zone and another zone were put together to form a mega zona haha. So now our zone went from 14 missionaries to 27 missionaries!. So my new companion is Elder Freeman. And he’s going home in 4 weeks. So that means I’ll be sending another one home! So I’ll still have 2 more companions!  He’s going home early to see his brother’s wedding or something like that. Anyways, the zone leaders area here was whitewashed and will now be a district leader area so I’m being transferred to Tancredo Neves which is pretty close by. (Hopefully the house is better haha) So I’m pretty excited to be able to get to know a new area. Elder Freeman as well is being transferred there so we’ll have to get to know the area together. 

So last week we started an activity in the area going to member’s houses with our bishop’s counselor and asking them if we could teach their neighbors and such, and we got to know a couple last week, A and F. We taught them for the first time and told them about the importance of having faith in Jesus Christ and following Him (using Ether 12). F said he really needed to follow God and do what’s right. 2 weeks later after lots of ups and downs they were baptized. F will be a great help in the church. He already went on visits with us before his baptism testifying to everyone about the truthfulness of the church and saying how he was going to be baptized Sunday. Usually we don’t think about taking investigators with us to go on visits or splits (I don’t know what it’s called anymore haha), but he really helped bring the Spirit and help other investigators. So I’ll send the pictures of their baptism. 

So yesterday I was sleeping in another house because Elder Vasquez went to the mission home yesterday so I was in a trio with our district leader. We were talking a little bit this morning about how sometimes people set low goals so that they can feel better about themselves knowing that they will reach their goal. For example, a companionship that sets a goal to baptize 4 people in 6 weeks maybe will reach their goal, and if they do they will be excited that they reached their predetermined amount of success. Perhaps they didn’t want to set a goal to baptize 30 people because they were afraid they would fail. However, if the companionship had set a goal of 30 and only baptized 15, they would have baptized 3 times as many people. The goal has to be high, because it’s the performance and outcome that matter, not just the satisfaction of reaching a humble achievable goal. The higher our goals in life, the harder we will work to get there, and the more success we will have in the end. 

I hope you guys have a good week! Sounds like Cole is busy with school and Dad’s having lots of work to do these days. Hope all is well! Now I will be a little bit further from the airport so that’s good, haha. Hope you guys have a good week! Love you guys!

-Elder Udy

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