Steadfast and Immovable

August 10, 2015

Bom dia! Sounds like a crazy week. I ate eggs this morning, and I was thinking about Grandma’s eggs that were always so good, but it’s tough to try and make them in Brazil because the cheese here is different and it’s not the same taste. I’ll remember to keep praying for you guys.

So the other day our bishop told us that our lunch appointment wasn’t going to work out so we could just pass by the restaurant to eat there and he would pay the lady afterwards. So we went to the restaurant that is like a buffet, but you only get one plate, and you just put as much food on the plate as you can. So of course we loaded our plates and just as we were finishing our meal we got a phone call from one of the members saying that they were waiting for us to eat with them. We had just eaten a mountain of food and now we had another lunch. So Elder Vasquez being the good person that he is told them that we would be right over, haha, but we could hardly manage to walk, let alone eat anything. Good thing the house was 45 minutes away, it gave us time to digest a little bit, and when we got there it was rough because the members always want us to eat more, except we weren’t really able to eat at all. So we put just a little rice and beans and chicken on the plate at a time and we kept putting a little more and little more making it look like we were going for seconds and thirds so no one really noticed, but I think if I had eaten one more spoon full of rice I would have thrown up, haha. 

So this week at church just about all the members decided to not go. I don’t remember if I told you guys or not but for about 6 weeks we are going to a different church building because ours is being remodeled, and we are meeting 3 o’clock - 6 o’clock in another neighborhood. And the number of people that the ward has in sacrament meeting has been cut in half since it was moved to the new building. So after church we went to visit some recent convert families that usually always go to church but didn’t this week and some last week as well. I began to think a lot about what’s written in Mosiah 5:15 Especially the beginning that talks about being firm and unmovable (at least I think that’s what it says in English) When I think about someone firm and immovable I think about Captain Moroni when Alma left the church in the hands of Helaman and his brothers. In Alma 46 it talks about how Captain Moroni reacted when he discovered that Amalickiah was turing everyone less active. He was firm and unmovable, and made others act the same way. And we as members should be like him as well, firm and immovable.

Also this week we were having some difficulties finding people to teach. So we searched and taught and searched, and we weren’t able to find anyone that said they would go to church with us and would read the Book of Mormon. I was getting frustrated a little bit and becoming less believing that we would be able to find people to baptize in the next week. There’s a principle in Ether 12:30 that I read this week, the last phrase says "wherefore thou workest after men have faith" which was exactly what I need this week. Elder Vasquez and I need to show our faith to the Lord, not just asking but acting. So as we continued we found a man that was standing on the side of the road who has a family of 5. We taught him the next day and the day after his 2 daughters and on Sunday he went to church with his son, and him and his son are going to be baptized this week, and the rest of the family is going to go to church this Sunday. The Lord really does hear our prayers and acts according to our faith. 

So I don’t have much more time but I hope all goes well in the good 'ol states. Have a good week and don’t forget to read lots in the scriptures. Love you guys! 

-Elder Udy

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