Life's like taking an 80 year long test

August 17, 2015
Our Zone

Ever since last p-day I had the thought that Grandma was going to pass away this week. It must be hard for Grandpa to not have her around anymore, but the separation is only temporary. In the spirit world life must be far more happy and with much less stress. Just think, life’s like taking an 80 year long test. I feel really relieved after just 3 hours in the BYU testing center, imagine how we must feel after 80 years! I’ll miss her, but in a few short years we´ll see her again.

Sounds like Cole really had it rough at home this week haha. I wish I had someone to buy me Tru-moo. Without my debit card from the "estates" life is sometimes rough, haha. I didn’t even use it very much before it expired, but here in the area we are using lots of busses and that means we have less money for food. However, just as our money was running out and our food as well haha (our lunch appointment fell through one day and we had to eat everything that was left in our house haha) a member gave us 50 reais for lunch on Thursday. We then told her that we didn’t need the money because on Thursday we are going to have a leadership council with a seventy (#hype). But then she told us to keep the money and use it to buy something some other time. The Lord really does take care of us. 

Tell Cole to get the breakfast ready so he can serve me too in about 8 weeks :) haha. Elder Vasquez is getting near the end, but we´re still giving our all. This week there was a lady that was going to get baptized in the Aldeota Ward... which is the richest ward in Fortaleza I think. (You should see the cars they have in their parking lot during sacrament meeting!) but anyways... when she was interviewed for baptism by the district leader she almost passed, but in the end she didn’t want to commit herself to go to church and endure to the end. So Sunday morning during their ward we went over there to interview her and it turns out that she wants to go to church she just doesn’t know where the church is in her state where she lives half the time. But we planned so the sisters would help her know where it is and then she said that she would always go. So after the interview, there was only 1 hour and 30 minutes until the baptism, and the font takes 3 hours to fill up. So we grabbed the buckets from the closet and started to fill the font with a bunch of members. It was great to see everyone excited for the baptism that the ward was going to have, because generally this ward doesn’t have many baptisms, but thanks to the hard working sisters the ward gained one more member and a lot of unity. 

I can’t believe that Marshall is already home! I must really be getting close to the end #tranqueza haha. It'll be great to see him again.
So anyways, that’s about all I got. Don’t forget to invite 10 people to church this week :) you never know, maybe you’ll be the difference for someone getting baptized, and they’ll love you forever for it. Love you guys and have a great week!! 

√Člder Udy 

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