The Spirit teaches people what words can't teach

August 3, 2015

Sounds like there’s lots going on in the good ol states! I don’t have much time to write this week. I can’t believe Cole’s growing up! (working at Nike) Sounds like Dad’s having quite the adventure. If you don’t want to sell his car, you could just give it to me :) This week we went to the secretaries’ area to work with them last Monday night. They only go proselyting at night because of their secretary stuff they need to do. But their area is pretty cool, so I sent some pictures of me and Elder Vasquez on their balcony. 

I received some birthday emails this week, so that was exciting. I think on the mission we get used to being forgotten, so it was nice to get some emails. O and I got your letter this week! So that was nice as well :)

Mission Leadership

This week I don’t have much time to type because we’re trying to find some church videos to show in our zone training meeting this week. However I’ll write about one experience I had this week when I was interviewing a lady to be baptized. So we had the interview in the bishop’s room.. I forget the name of the room in English but anyways it was there. And she started to talk about how she didn’t have a certainty that she should be baptized. I told her to tell me about her doubts and she started talking and talking, and as she talked all the answers came perfectly to my mind. I think its’ mostly because we were in the bishop’s room. It’s a very sacred place. As I testified to her I felt the power of God, and she said she entered with doubts and left with certainty. The Bishop’s room is really sacred. The Spirit really is present there and teaches people what words can’t teach. 

I hope Grandma gets better soon. It must be a lot of stress for Grandpa, but one day we will all have a perfect body. Hope everyone is doing well. Love you guys! Have a great week!!!
Élder Udy

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