I got the package!

August 11, 2014

Hi, So Élder Castanho didn’t end up getting his wisdom teeth out. Seems like the dentist just wanted to take his money haha. Our mission president’s wife told him that he should just.... well I didn’t really understand because she used some technical dentist terms that I’m not really sure about, but I think he’s gonna get a crown... anyways we’re going to go back in a few days, but it’s not too severe. Sounds like you’ve been busy feeding the children... I know all about the trailer parks.. You’d be surprised how much money the people in the trailer parks spend on pizza! Over half our orders it seemed like went to the Brady Hills trailer park, haha. 

So this week I got the package! I was pretty hyped. We all opened it together and couldn’t believe all the things that were inside. Élder Barton (American that I live with) likes to play with the hackey sack, and Élder Galvão likes to read the Spanish Book of Mormon.. and Elder Castanho has already wore his new tie 2 times in 5 days haha. And of course everyone likes the peanut butter. And I’m reading that book from Henry B Eyring about Drawing Closer to God. I’ve started to keep a notebook next to my bed, and always after I get done praying and asking for guidance for certain things... I wait and listen and I write down what the Spirit tells me in that notebook... and you’d be surprised all the specifics God reveals to you if you give more importance to what the Spirit whispers. Sounds like Cole is really stepping up his game. Better wake up a little earlier to get some more practice in because with scores like his idk if he’ll make the 
cut ;) 

That’s about all I got this week. I don’t have much time because I have to fill out a questionaire for the mission, but I’ll try to send pictures if there’s time. Love you guys. 

-Élder Udy

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