We saw one of these giant spiders

August 18, 2014
Picture of the area

Tudo bem? I can’t believe school’s starting already... I don’t know if just one year of SAT prep will be enough for Cole... some people need a little bit of extra help.. but we´ll see what "The Driver" can manage to get on the ACT. So sounds like Cole is stepping his way up in the world... I had a dream the other night I was playing basketball again... here you can’t really play basketball like you can there... especially because missionaries are only allowed to play with other missionaries and with no more than 4 in total.. and you can’t keep score... so I guess the mission isn’t really meant for playing basketball haha... but hopefully Cole enjoys his high school sports days shooting at least under 50 ;) Ive been wearing the MIT shirt all week when I go to sleep actually haha.. This week I went on splits with one of our zone leaders who went to Harvard for a year before the mission, and he was telling me about the campus at MIT.  

Dad told me about his wedding he performed haha. There was a wedding here in our chapel this week.. or some kind of ceremony or something I’m not really sure cuz it was the other ward and we didn’t pass by. That’s pretty crazy that Shane’s ward only had 6 people haha. It must be a lot harder for the people in France to accept the Gospel. Here it seems like everyone I talk to has already met with the missionaries haha literally everyone. But we found one lady a week or two ago that had the missionaries teach her a lot already but they gave up because she never wanted to get baptized.. but when we found her and taught her the first time, she accepted baptism and went to church that same week.. and she’s getting baptized next week by her son that’s a counselor in another stakes presidency. It really is God that prepares the people to accept us.. we just have to find the people that he has prepared... with lots of prayers and fasting. 

So the other day when we were with one of the guys from our ward in front of someone’s house we saw one of these giant spiders they have here in Fortaleza. Its like a tarantula but a little skinnier with less hair and bigger teeth. So naturally this guy we were with decided he wanted to pick it up in his hand... he started telling us about how he just has to pet it behind the head so it feels comfortable and then it’ll walk onto his hand when he offers... So when he went to pet the spider, it didn’t like it too much and first tried to bite him, then tried to run away. But this guy ran over to where it was running and flipped it back with his hands. Then he grabbed a stick and pinned its legs down and started petting it and finally it calmed down, and he picked it up and put it on his hand and it just sat there haha. So he passed it over to me, and I held it in my hand and took a picture that I’ll send to you guys haha. It was pretty wild. It reminded me of the time Brother Millward killed a rattle snake at our scout camp and we ate it.
Giant Spider!
Anyways. Hope you guys have a good week. Things are great here. Next Monday is transfers, so we will see if I get a new companion or not. Tenha uma boa semana! Tchau!
Amo Vocês, Élder Udy

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