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Sept. 8, 2014

Oii... I remember when I started in AP history... I thought I was going to die haha... but really if Cole wants to learn and do good in the class he has to read, understand, and mark the textbook. I didn’t really ever know that until I got here on the mission.. but as I read and mark the Book of Mormon, I realize that studying any subject should be the same way... marking the textbook like we mark verses in the Book of Mormon. The best way to study for the class is read and understand the book... as you read, make definitions for the key terms. It may take more time, but he´ll learn a lot more... and when it comes time to study the free responses... he’ll already know all about the topics because he read and studied the book.

I can’t believe Cole is 5'10''! I remember I told Joe once that when I get back he’ll be 6'2'' and benching 250.... so now he’s just got to get in the weight room. 

Sounds like the YSA stake activity was fun. We struggle with our ward activities here... There were only like 4 members that came this week to our activity (that are adults) and some from the youth and primary... us and lots of investigators come, so it turns out pretty good... and our Ward mission leader knows all kinds of interesting things to do for activities so it’s always a good time. 

That’s exciting that BYU is doing good. Taysom Hill is an animal haha hopefully they rank up fast. 

So this week we were teaching a family and the dad told us that he was receiving revelation for us, and told me I was going to be a prophet! But I’m not sure how accurate his revelations were because he also said that Elder Imperador was going to finish his mission before me... but he’s only been out for 3 months. Things are going good here. With our 2 companionships here in the ward, we’re baptizing at least 1 person every week in the ward. The ward’s pretty excited.. we just need to get more people at the activities and it’ll be perfect. Hope everything’s going well at home. I’ll send some pictures right now because I keep forgetting. Have a good week :) 

-√Člder Udy


Eating chicken hearts

P-day at a member's home

Relaxing in a member's home

Lizard in our apartment

Train station

Building a house

View of the area

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