Elder Galvao made these noodles for us

Sept. 29, 2014

Hey... Sounds like the football team at Slippery Rock has come a long way in just a few years from the worst team in history to a team that beats Hickory... Dad sent me some photos of the field.. it looks pretty nice now days.. it was pretty sad how we were possibly the only school in the state that had a track made of rocks and dirt haha. Thats exciting that Chelsea got engaged... My companion says he’s going to propose to his girlfriend when he has 1 year and 6 months on his mission so he can marry her right when he gets home haha but right now he’s only been here 4 months and she's pretty good looking... we always joke with him that she’s going to send the dear john any day now... until now all my companions that had girlfriends..lost their girlfriends while they were my companion haha 3 of the 6..
we´ll see what happens.

It must be hard for the basketball team to park cars if there isn’t anyone that wants to play basketball anymore... let alone park cars haha. Hopefully Cole enjoyed. I don’t know if the fake blood will win Ms. Huth’s applause... we got a C just because we did the whole project at home (didn’t use time effectively in class) and we used a toy gun and toy billyclub (too violent)..... we´ll see how it goes haha.

So I thought of some things I need...a new belt..like a nice leather belt (Black) that will last until the end of my mission... One that doesn’t rip in two pieces after 2 months of use haha because that’s what’s happening these days. But other than the belt I can't remember right now.... I was going to write it down... but then I forgot and now I can’t remember. I’ll try to think of it for next week. 

So all our meals with members were falling through... mostly because our ward scheduled all in-actives haha... so one day Élder Galvão made these noodles for us... it’s basically like chef boy rd. But he put in a ton of salt... and it ended up making everyone sick that day, haha, so hopefully next week we have more luck. So we have this investigator that’s the dad of an active family.. its only him that’s not a member... and we’ve invited him to be baptized in every different form imaginable to try to get him to agree... so yesterday our ward mission leader and one of the bishopric counselors went to his house with one of the white baptism jumpsuits... to challenge him to be baptized by saying... "J" this Saturday there is going to be conference and afterwards I’m going to baptize you wearing the white jumpsuit.. the missionaries are going to help us prepare this week and on Saturday will be your baptism haha.... hopefully he accepted.... I don’t know yet because we haven’t had a chance to talk with them yet.

So this week there weren’t any baptisms, but this coming Saturday at least one person will be baptized. So we’re pretty excited here cuz we’re all having lots of success. So anyways... that's about all I got... have a good week. Feed the missionaries!

Love, Élder Udy 
Baptism Day


Duck Heart

Chimarrao (Yerba Mate)
Chimarrao (Yerba Mate)

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