Sometimes we use our drinking water to take a shower

Sept. 15, 2014

Hey mom... I can’t believe Jackson got robbed! When I lived in Provo the Provo police passed their time investigating freshman pranks like a rotten pumpkin that someone threw in the hall or someone that pulled the fire alarm at 3 in the morning. I didn’t even know these things existed there, haha. That’s pretty rough that he got his laptop stolen.... and all his school work. 

So this week we almost didn’t have the activity because our ward mission leader was kind of mad at the bishopric because they struggle sending someone to the baptisms at 6 o'clock at night and to the activities afterward. We’ll have to try to assign the members to bring this so it’ll be better. We ended up drinking "Black Cow" which is a root beer float with Coca Cola... because root beer doesn’t exist here. Everyone was wondering what Black Cow could possibly mean... no one here had drunk it before... in one of the other areas of one of the missionaries I live with... he discovered it, and now all the members here love it... there’s one member here that always goes with us to our lessons and every time he goes with us he wants to drink a "Black Cow" with our investigators haha. 

All the Americans here are talking about how BYU is doing so good and calling it a blessing of the mission haha. hopefully they can keep it up.... The other day my companion was going to bed.. he always sleeps in a hammock... and as he was climbing into his hammock... I’m not really sure what happened but somehow he managed to fall out of the hammock and onto my fan haha and it broke into pieces... so now I think I’ll be buying a hammock today because sleeping on a bed without a fan is like sleeping next to the fireplace in July. As well... the water in our house sometimes decided not to work at night... I remember reading in the mission manual in the MTC.. "Take a shower every day when possible" I always thought to myself that I wouldn’t have to worry about the "when possible" part... but in this area sometimes we have to buy water bottles or use our drinking water to take a shower haha... so enjoy you nice warm showers and be grateful that the water always turns on when you turn the shower knob because here that’s not always the case haha.

Sounds nice that the missionaries are getting more people interested in the lessons... I always wonder what it would be like to have been called to serve in the United States... some visa waiters tell me how it is because they served there a little... but it sounds pretty different. The work really is hastening a lot in Brazil. Especially in the other cities of Ceará where the people have never heard of the church or seen missionaries. When missionaries get sent there, it’s generally followed by a lot of success. 

So anyways hope you guys have a good week. Here things are great. Don’t forget to surprise the missionaries with pizza every once in a while :) haha tenha uma boa semana! Amo vocês... coitado de Jackson e May que foram roubados. Tchau! 
-Élder Udy

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