The Brain of the Shrimp has a lot of flavor!

September 22, 2014

Hey family...Sounds like BYU is doing pretty good... seems like they’re always good except the year I was there haha. Sounds like Bandit is getting pretty old... but at least he won’t run away anymore... I’m sure you’ll miss that... of all the times he ran away, I think dad only had to chase him maybe 3 times... but now it’s all a thing of the past. 

I’m sure the missionaries were thankful for the pizza.. sometimes when we are hungry with nothing to eat, we pass by a member’s house and ask.. "oii do you guys happen to have a cup of water to quench our hunger... everyone is so eager here to feed us that usually it works out. :) Oh and this week we only had “black cow” once, but we also ate duck and shrimp.. with the head, legs, tail and everything... the brain of the shrimp has a lot of flavor, you should try it sometime.
Duck Heart
I still haven’t bought a hammock.. I think I will today. Our bishop has a shop that sells hammocks and furniture... they’re more expensive than some of the other shops in downtown Caucaia, but it’s always good to support the bishop. 

I’ll try to think of things for you to send for Christmas. Elder Imperador wants a hackysack if you can find one haha. O and I finally got the package from Grandma and Grandpa :) tell them I said thxx. 

This week we had 4 baptisms in the ward. We baptized 3 and the other companionship baptized one. Last Sunday we received a referral from someone in the ward, and we went to visit him on Tuesday.. when we got there him and his family were telling us about how he’s been going to church and he already planned his baptism. So then, I asked him when would be the baptism.. he said this Saturday! He hadn’t been baptized because his mom is inactive, but he lives in the same house with his cousins, aunt, and uncle who are all active members... So we taught him everyday this week and he was baptized on Saturday! Also we baptized Raquel that has been reading the Book of Mormon ALOT and her son. I have pictures, but this computer isn’t letting me send them. -_- .... I’ll try again next week.. It’s a good picture... I’ll try again to send the pictures...
but anyways.. hope you guys have a good week, Love you guys. 

-Élder Udy

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