Faith can bring power from heaven

June 15, 2015

So sounds like your week was pretty exciting. Is there anyone in the family that’s not married yet?? haha Seems like everyone’s getting married while I’ve been on the mission. That’s exciting that most of the family was able to go to Heather’s wedding. I miss being in the temple. I’m sure it was great for everyone to be there together.

Here our week was great. We’re planning Israel’s baptism for next week and finding lots of people to teach. Here in Fortaleza the people are very receptive.  Here you can talk to anyone in the street and they’ll be happy to have you visit them in their house and talk about "the Word of God.” My new companion Elder Menezes is great. He´s really dedicated. He’s from São Paulo and arrived from the CTM into the mission with me. He’s really excited to do everything he can to help the zone baptize more. This week we’re planning on having 10 baptism in the zone. 7 of the 9 companionships will have baptisms! 

This week I read a talk called "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" by Elder Gene R. Cook of the Seventy. It's kind of old. I think he gave it in the 80s but it changed my attitude about what faith really is and how it works. How faith can bring power from heaven into our lives and those of the people around us to help us pursue our righteous desires. 

So I don’t have much time, but I’ll write more about how this talk made a difference in my mission next week. But, I hope you guys have a good week and that Cole has a good birthday! Sounds like he’s been enjoying his time with Dad and his friends.  I hope you guys have a good week. Love you guys! I'll send a picture of me and Elder Menezes. Boa Semana!!!

-Élder Udy

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