Crazy how small the world can be

June 22, 2015

Cole finally got a smart phone! Its about time, haha. Even here in Brazil where phones are about 6 times more expensive, everyone has smart phones, haha. Sounds like Dad’s really living the life there without a job, haha, it’s like a mini retirement, so has it been decided where he’s going to work?? Is it going to be in Washington for sure?? The Cavs lost??? Everyone here was telling me they won?? But then again no one in Brazil even watches the NBA haha at least not here in the north western part of Brazil. I met a guy this week who is less active, he is 19, who plays like semi professional travel basketball here.. I don’t really understand the system, but he travels all over the state, and we were going to plan at church to play today during our p-day... however he didn’t go to church  -_- so the plans didn’t go too well, haha. But one of these days it’ll work out. I can’t believe the Cabin has a toilet now! Chique! I miss the good ol cabin. I feel like I haven’t been there for 5 years. 

This week we had our mission Leadership Council which is always quite the experience. We talked more about following up and after the council this Sunday I was seeing how these things that we learn on the mission apply in all parts of life. While we were at leadership council we talked about faith and miracles. Then while we were talking, someone entered into the church and Sister Bonini and one of the Assistants went to talk to him as we continued the training in the chapel. When they came back they told us what happened. A man was there and he said that he had always wanted to enter into this church, but it was always closed so he never entered. He lived on the other side of the road. They then told him about how the church was the restored church of Jesus Christ and about how his family should be baptized and he said he would come back on Sunday, and they invited him to be baptized in 3 weeks and he accepted and said he'll bring his whole family! 

Also, this week we learned about teaching by the Spirit. In D&C 42:14 it says that if we don’t receive the Spirit we "shall not teach" and many times many members and missionaries think this means that we aren’t allowed to teach if we aren’t feeling the Spirit. However, that’s not what it’s saying. It’s saying that we don’t have the capacity to teach the gospel without the Spirit. We preach the gospel, but never teach. The spirit teaches. So if we don’t have the Spirit the person WON’T be taught. It’s the Spirit that changes the person. So our most important role as instructors isn’t to perfectly explain apostasy and the components of the church, but our most important role is to make sure the person being taught feels the Spirit and is moved by the Spirit. 

Also this week was Israel’s baptism. I’ll send a picture to you guys.

You don’t need to send a package for my birthday, but I'll accept presents in October :) haha Have a good week. Love you guys.

--Elder Udy

P.S. I forgot to say that this week I was waiting at a bus stop to get on the bus during splits and there was a guy that looked at me and said, “Elder Udy, I met an Elder Udy in my mission.  I think he’s your brother!”  His name on the mission, I think, was Elder Martins and he’s been home for only 3 months.  I think he lived with Jackson when Jackson was ending his mission, and Elder Martins was just starting.  Pretty crazy how small the world can be.

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