My new companion is Elder Menezes

June 8, 2015

Mom, I hope you had a good birthday! I felt the desire to drink a cold Pepsi on the deck when you said that’s what you were doing... And it sounds like Cole’s feeling my (summer job hunting) pain. Tell him to just create I-phone apps to make a living :) or mow laws, maybe he can go door to door selling his lawn mowing service or do something creative because everyone wants to make more than minimum wage. 

So this week (tomorrow) I’ll get my new companion, Élder Menezes (o cara). Everyone loves him. This is going to be his first area as zone leader. I Think we arrived in the mission on the same day, but I’m not really sure because there were like 40 people that got here on that day, and I was extremely confused the whole day, haha. But I’m really excited to be his companion. It’s going to be a great transfer. 

This morning I was reading the Liahona (conference Ensign) that we got this week. I was reading some of the parts that talk about the family because we are teaching one family about marriage that went to church this week and love the church and have been together for 23 years and still haven’t gotten married!! They want to get married, but he has to get a day off from work to be able to go downtown to schedule the marriage. Also, we are teaching another family, well mostly just their son that’s been to church 3 times now, and while we were talking with the family yesterday they started telling us how hard it is for them to raise their kids. As they were telling us about their problems, I just kept thinking about how the gospel could be an answer to their problems... As we talked to them the other day they started to like what we were saying, and they said that they are going to go to church. As we were walking home I thought about how we could pick some parts from the talks of the living apostles for them to apply in their lives and learn for themselves that these men are true apostles, and that the church is true. I decided on a talk from Quinten L Cook from the conference, The Lord is my Light (see link below).

Also this week a lady that used to live in our ward came to visit. She moved to another city a few years ago, but she is one of the first members of Fortaleza. She was baptized about 30 years ago, and I was so amazed at how she really lives what it means to be a member missionary. She talks about the gospel wherever she’s at and she does it in a way that people like to hear. Because of her devotion to being a member missionary and being obedient to God, she has the Spirit so strong with her. She taught a lesson with us and her testimony made the investigators really feel the Spirit. Members can make all the difference. I learned that a member can always have the Spirit with him or her if he or she strives with real intent to keep the commandments and share the gospel with anyone that’s receptive. She said she asks people on the bus or in any place, “Are you religious? Would you like to visit a church that is marvelous?” And she just converses with the people. I want to be like her after the mission. 

Well, that’s about all I got today. I’ll try to send some pictures.  Have a good week. Love you guys! 

Elder Moroni and Elder Alexander before they go home

-Élder Udy

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